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Marketing Services

We have a partnership with a company that offers marketing services at a very low price. 

With the code Email19Q4 you can get 30% off their first 3 months as long as your not under Single Billing which is only month to month (it's not a contract for 3 month, the discount just applies)

- 25% off the Annual Plan (prepay) as long as your not under Single Billing

- A free $100 Master Template Campaign design with your logo, branding and marketing already built in - made Custom by our their own in-house design team!

- A 30 Day Evaluation month at the lowest pricing tiers ($20 for basic and $45 for email plus) backed by a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee where you can try them out for a month with no commitment, unlimited sends, and the full suite of features - no strings and no fees taken out if worst case scenario if you feel their not the right fit and would like a refund. Just make sure to activate the account before uploading their list.


Here is the link to sign up for services:

Marketing: Services
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